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Vocabulario que debes saber para inglés de negocios

En esta sección vamos a aprender vocabulario para inglés de negocios que puede resultar muy útil si estas trabajando alguna compañía, para comenzar estas son algunas palabras que debes conocer para ampliar tu vocabulario:

-Advertisement: anuncio publicitario.

Ex. Patients were recruited via local newspaper advertisement.

-(To) apply: aplicar.

Ex. Demonstration projects to apply ecosystem vulnerability assessment.

-Aplicants: aspirantes.

Ex. At that point, aplicants will either receive questions from Health Canada for clarification, or an inspection to the facility would be scheduled.

-Appreciate: valor/ apreciar.

Ex. Then you will appreciate our rigid-frame wheelchairs.

-(To confirm): confirmar/ constatar.

Ex. The lifting technology was also tested independently to confirm its performance.

-Employment: empleo/ ocupación.

Ex. Slow employment growth particularly affected youths.

-(To) enclose: incluir.

Ex. All four diagrams utilize the frame notation to enclose an interaction.

-Enclosure: adjuntar.

Ex. The number of enclosure changes should be minimised.

-Interest: interés.

Ex. Their general interest activities include development cooperation.

-Job: trabajo/ empleo.

Ex. Our proprietary search technology crawls the internet to find job listings from job boards.

-Office manager: gerente de oficina.

Ex. There was Omar, our conscientious office manager.

-Position: puesto.

Ex. The position requires broad management experience.

-Receptionist: recepcionista.

Ex. Later check-in is only available after contacting the Hostel receptionist.

-Resumé: curriculum.

Ex. If you still have space on your resumé, you should also include some extracurricular experiences.

-(To) schedule: programar.

Ex. This could be achieved by rationalizing the meeting schedule.

-Secretatry: secretaria.

Ex. In 1934 Heimann became Melanie Klein's secretary.

-Stationery: situarse.

¡No dudes que con este vocabulario vas a ser casi un experto en el área de negocios!

By: Joanna Ríos Cervantes.

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