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our ORALE program

"The ORALE plan is ideal for those who want to learn from scratch or have previous knowledge of the language but face limitations to attend traditional classes. With certified tutors, you will progress at your own pace. Choose your schedule and study from home, the office, or wherever you are."

Understand main ideas in concrete and abstract texts.


You will be able to:

Create clear and detailed texts, give opinions expressing advantages and disadvantages.


Interact fluently and spontaneously, connect with Spanish speakers from around the world.


Why us?

Our methodology ensures that one of our individual classes is equivalent to up to 4 classes of a traditional course. By focusing on you, progress is faster, allowing more practice and space for questions and feedback.


Teacher Pam


Course Duration
& more

Our teachers have tested and optimized the topics, and class lenght for your maximum benefit. From level A1 (beginner) to reaching B1+ (upper-intermediate) in 18 months.

✅ Duration per level: 5 months

✅ Levels: 6


1-on-1 lessons

No más grupos numerosos. El 100% de la clase es para ti.

Flexible Schedule

Elige los horarios que más te acomoden.

Take classes everywhere

Webcam live classes

Puedes interactuar en tiempo real con tu tutor desde donde estés.

Certified Native Tutors

Ten por seguro que tendrás la mejor experiencia.

Language Immersion program



$128 USD/ month

8 lesson pack 

Includes Materials

$175 USD/ month

12 lesson pack

Includes Materials


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Don't hesitate and try out today the method that is helping many people learn Spanish. Have a trial class and finally achieve your goal once and for all.

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You can reach out to us on WhatsApp or leave us your contact info, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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